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Nansady is a talented musician and teacher from Guinea (West Africa) who plays many traditional African instruments.  He is available to teach at workshops, festivals, schools or other events, and to perform at celebrations.  Read Nansady's Biography.

Djembé-master Famoudou Konaté says about Nansady: "The workshops and performances that Nansady Keita offers magnificently illustrate the one-of-a-kind musical tradition of the Malinké in Guinea. Together with the fine combination of traditional ability and professional experience he is an ideal and suitable representative for the culture of our people".

About Nansady Keita

Nansady is a Guinean djembé-fola (djembe player) and nephew of internationally renowned djembé-master Famoudou Konaté. Nansady is considered a successor of Famoudou as a traditional village drummer. Nansady is from the Malinké ethnic group, and comes from Sangbaralla, a village near Kouroussa, in the Hamana region of Guinea. Nansady has performed and taught around the world (USA, Holland, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Spain) and toured with Famoudou Konaté's ensembles to Japan and Europe. Nansady features on six of the CD's Famoudou has released including most recently Hamana Namun. Nansady is a member of the traditional West African performance group 'Hamana Kalu' (who released CDs in 2008 & 2010) in Guinea-Conakry, and he leads three British based ensembles in the UK, Nansady Keita's Ensemble (consisting of Guinean musicians based in the UK), Funkama, and Meereeya Bedeh.  Read Nansady's biography.

Nansady Keita at WOMAD Charlton Park, 2007

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